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          1. Thai Binh Economic Zone

Thai Binh economic zone (Thai Binh EZ) of Thai Binh province consists of 30 communes, 01 township in 2 districts Thai Thuy and Tien Hai and contiguous parts of the coast; having a natural area of 30,583 ha; bordering Haiphong city by the Hoa River in the north, Nam Dinh in the south and southwest by the Red River, in the east by the East Sea with over 54 km of coastline, in the west by the remaining communes of Thai Thuy and Tien Hai.

The Thai Binh economic zone includes functional areas such as: Thai Binh Power center; Industrial parks and clusters; Port and port services; resorts and entertainment areas; areas for aquaculture and coastal protection forests; residential areas, urban areas, service areas; Administrative Region.

Thai Binh Economic Zone is a general economic zone (zones in zone) with preferential investment policies, creating attractive investment environment for external resources to exploit the potentials for development of the region. Step by step forming functional zones of EZs. Concentrating on developing the following industries: shipbuilding, fishing ships and other industries using coal gasification materials, natural gas (thermal power, fertilizer production, high-grade construction materials and raw materials for the mining industry ...); port economy; tourism, trade; service; urban development and other economic sectors associated with the Gulf of Tonkin economic belt.

2. Technical infrastructure of the EZ

2.1. Transportation infrastructure:

- Roads include: National Highway 37, National Highway 39, National Highway 5; Thai Binh - Ha Nam highway, coastal highway. Of which: the coastal highway runs through the Economic Zone.

- Seaway:

+ Diem Dien Seaport: 30km from Hai Phong port; 40km from Lach Huyen Deep Seaport;

+ Thai Binh waterway system: Diem Ho river, Tra Ly river, Kien Giang river and Red river are connecting the province with other provinces in the Red river delta region and the North of Vietnam;

+ Airway: 150km from Noi Bai International Airport; 20-40km from Cat Bi Hai Phong airport.

2.2. Electricity system: Thai Binh has a 1800MW Thermo Power Plant connected to the national power grid, of which one unit with capacity of 600MW is now supplying electricity; the other unit of 1200 MW will operate in the first quarter of 2018.

2.3. Clean water supply system:

- Construction of clean water supplying plants have been invested to serve  the whole Economic Zone. By 2017, 100% of households will have access to clean water;

- Raw water: Raw water is taken from the main rivers through the Red River basin, including the Luoc River, Red River, Thai Binh River, Tra Ly River and tributaries of major rivers.

2.4. Telecommunications Service System: Telecommunications - IT infrastructure in the Economic zone is developed with the advanced broadband, high speed and modern type; meeting all needs for the operation of the whole zone.

3. Social infrastructure:

- The system of schools, hospitals, ecological tourist resorts (Con Vanh Dong Chau, Con Den, ...) meet the needs of learning, convalescence and recreation for officials, experts and local people in the areas of Economic Zone.

4. Industrial parks and clusters in the Economic Zone

- Coastal Industrial parks (IP): Thuy Truong IP, area: 300ha; Xuan Hai Industrial and commercial park, area: 330ha; Thai Thuong IP, area: 300ha; Hoang Long IP, area: 300ha and Diem Dien port are ready to welcome investors to invest in the construction of infrastructure and implement the production – business activities.

- Industrial Complexes (IC): Thai Tho IC, area: 70 ha; Cua Lan IC (Nam Thinh commune, Tien Hai district), area: 50 ha; My Xuyen IC (Thai Xuyen commune, Thai Thuy district), area: 15.5 ha; Thuy Tan IC (Thuy Tan commune, Thai Thuy district); Thuy Tan IC (Thuy Tan commune, Thai Thuy district), area:  20 ha.

Industrial parks and clusters have many advantages in using electricity, gas and coal gasification for production and business activities.

5. Investment incentives in Thai Binh Economic zone

The mechanisms and policies applied in Thai Binh EZ have the highest level of incentives under the current legal framework applicable to coastal economic zones, ensuring the attractiveness and attracting the most domestic and foreign investment resources.

- Regarding enterprise income tax: Pursuant to Article 15, Article 16 and Article 17 of the Government's Decree No. 218/2013/ND-CP dated December 26, 2013, the preferential tax rate of 10% shall be applied for 15 years; tax exemption for 4 years, 50% reduction of tax payable for the next 9 years.

- Regarding land rent preferences: Pursuant to Article 8 of the Government's Decree No. 35/2017/ND-CP dated April 3, 2007 on the collection of land use levies, land rents and water surface rents in economic zones and High-tech parks: The land rent exemption for a maximum of 03 years during the capital construction period from the date of issuance of the land lease decision; land rent exemption for 11 - 19 years, depending on the projects in the list of fields eligible for investment incentives, areas eligible for special investment incentives, areas with difficult socio-economic conditions or areas with special difficult economic conditions in this Decree shall comply with the provisions of law on investment.

- Regarding Import Tax: Pursuant to Article 12, Decree 87/2010/ND-CP, dated 13 August 2010, detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Export Tax and Import Tax: Exemption of import tax for machinery and equipment used to create fixed assets of investment projects in the category eligible for import tax preferences, which are specified in Appendix I of Decree 87; Exemption of import tax for 05 years from the date of manufacture of raw materials, supplies and components which are not yet able to be produced domestically, imported for production of investment projects in the field of special investment encouragement prescribed in Annex I, Decree 87.

- Regarding personal income tax: Vietnamese and foreigners working in the Economic zone are entitled to 50% reduction of income tax for income earners.

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